As Scott had his final GSCE on the Friday, we had to travel up in the late afternoon, arriving there at about 9.30PM, when we unloaded the car and got set up for a 7.30AM start.

We were to race in both directions, with qualifying and race anti clockwise on Saturday, followed by qualifying and race clockwise on the Sunday.

All the other drivers had been there on the Friday to test so we were going into it at a disadvantage, but that’s life. We just had to get on with it and try our best.


Saturday arrived and all the driver were allowed a 10 minutes free practice so at least he would know the track before qually. Blow me down with a feather. He was fastest of all.


Scott went out and did what he normally does. Drove his heart out and manage to stick it in P3, just 0.05 seconds off pole.

RACE 1 – Anti Clockwise

As the lights went off Scott had a great start and the pole man, not so good. Scott tucked in behind the car that was now leading and he pushed hard.

The two of them manage to build a comfortable lead but try as hard as he could he couldn’t get past.

2nd place was better that I would have dared hoped after never having driven the track before so I think we were both happy (I know I was)

An unfortunate (for him) and added bonus (for us) was that his nearest rival in the championship had a DNF with a broken gearbox.



Trying as hard as he could but with little experience of the circuit ( in either direction) he manage to take 2nd, 0.1 seconds behind the pole man.

RACE 2 – Clockwise

Scott had the best start of his life. He went from 2nd to 4 car lengths ahead before the 1st corner, a lead that he never looked like losing. He built a lead that was so commanding he managed to end the race some 11 seconds ahead of 2nd place.

His commend after the race was that “it was great to look in the mirror and see nothing but empty track”.

We think Scott now holds the lap record for JSCC at Knockhill (01:03.793) but someone please correct us if we are wrong

What we do know is he now has a comfortable lead in the championship by at least 30 points.

With thanks to the following People without who’s assistance we couldnt go racing

Team-HARD. Racing
NGK Spark Plugs
Old Hall Performance
Jim Morris @ Lifeline Fire & Safety Systems Ltd
Andy Bennett
Amber Valley Fitness Centre
Autobrite Direct LTD
Parallax Media
Nick McKee @ Air Accessories (Sheffield) Ltd

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