Snetteron 300



We took the long trek to the edge of the world ( or so it seemed). Snetterton is a track we enjoy but it seems so far away.

The weekend began with us arriving at Snetterton for Scott to see his new livery for the first time.

The car had been to Team-HARD. Racing HQ for a new gearbox, some TLC and a new colour scheme and was delivered directly to the track. I would personally like to thank everyone that had a hand in repairing Scotts car. Fantastic work guys and girls and really appreciated. I will buy you all a beer when I see you.



We had 3 x 20 minute practice sessions on Saturday and Scott reported back that the car felt “brilliant” and the times showed that he was fast in all sessions. Things were looking good.


Consisted of a 20 min session followed by qualifying some hours later. Feeling quietly confident Scott set off for his practice and lap by lap he was getting faster. Entering the last corner, Scott made a small mistake, the back end stepped out, and he was up in the air, landing on the front right wheel. Last year when Lewis Saunders did a similar thing, he wasn’t so lucky.

He immediately came into the pits and back to the awning. I think we both expected lots of front right damage but, to our amazement the only damage was a bent track control arm. We had a spare with us and in jumped Mark Gregory who is just amazing on the spanners and job done, including tracking, in no time at all. Thanks Mark

I wasn’t expecting too much as it was is first time in the car after his near miss, and that corner would have scared me, never mind a 15 year old who has only been driving a little over a year. Have a look at the pictures and in car footage to see just how close he was to rolling it. Scott just went out and did what he had to. He was faster and faster each lap but when the flag came out I thought that was it, 3rd would have to do. Little did I know that Scott had crossed the line 1 second before the flag had gone out so he was still in with a shout of pole. he came round again to take the flag and that was it. Pole position. Cool, Calm, Collected. The young man just did his job.

The reason for me seeing double? Double pole at Oulton, double pole at Croft and now double pole at Snetterton. I am in awe of this young man.

Added pressure this time (as if there wasn’t enough) as Tony and Samantha Gilham were present,as were Debbie Gilham and Debbie Squires. It didn’t phase Scott at all. For him it was just another day at the office. Told you I was in awe.

Scott shot off the line like a scolded cat (it’s there again) but was out dragged into to first corner.

The first handful of cars made it round safely but a coming together midfield meant there were a few cars badly damaged and the safety car was deployed. Unfortunately but understandably the safety car remained out for all but 3 laps, which led to a three lap dash to the flag.

Unfortunately Scott ran out of time, couldn’t get past, and had to settle for second by 0.5 seconds. Who am I kidding? 2nd was a brilliant result after his “off” in practice.

The scolded cat was involved again but I must feed it a better quality cat food as he was out dragged again into the 1st corner. This time there was no need for a safety car as they all made it round the 1st corner, and Scott set off in pursuit.

He caught and passed the 1st place man on lap 3 and never looked like losing his lead, especially as the 2nd and 3rd place men started fighting for position.

By the end of the race Scott took the flag and had built himself a 2.5sec cushion.

Well done Scott.


Six Races, Six Pole positions, 4 wins, a 3rd, a 2nd, a fastest lap and LEADING THE CHAMPIONSHIP BY 9 POINTS

Get in there. “Proud dad” time and I don’t care who knows it.

as always thanks go out to the following as without them we couldn’t go racing.

Jim Morris @ Lifeline fire and Safety Systems Ltd
Paul Rice @ On Par Cleaning
Nick McKee@ Air Accessories (Sheffield) Ltd
NGK Spark Plugs
Old Hall Performance
Andy Bennett AB Welding Services & Automated Gates
Autobrite Direct LTD
Lee Fraser @TinTop Racing News and Views
Amber Valley Fitness Centre
Barny Barnett & Carol McLean @ TLP photography
Parallax Media
And not Forgetting The boss at Team-HARD. Racing