Mallory Park

Monday bank holiday 26/08/19

We got to the circuit at about 4 pm on Sunday afternoon to get set up and as this was a 1 day meeting and set to be one of the hottest days of the year, we opted to set up in the evening when it was cooler.

We managed to get scrutineered by 6, so that saved a load of time for Monday morning

All set up and ready to go by about 7, it was time to relax before the rush of Monday which was to consist of 15 minutes practice, 15 minutes qualifying and 2 x 15 minute races.

Signed on at 8AM, divers brief at 08.20 and ready to go on track by 9AM

Practice went well with Scott the fastest man out there by about 0.3 seconds a lap with his nearest rival back in about 8th, some 1.5 seconds off the pace.

Again Scott managed to put it in pole position for both races 0.2 seconds faster than the second place man. I was hopeful of another win if Lewis (in P18) didn’t come storming through the field, which I fully expected him to do.

The lights went off and Scott had one of the worst starts he has ever done. He dropped from 1st to 7th on the first lap and, yes you guessed it, Lewis (Scotts main rival) came steaming through up in to 5th. Hats off to Lewis. That was one of the best starts I have ever seen.

Unfortunately for Lewis, a start line incident brought the red flag out and the race was to be started again.

It took some 15 minutes for the restart take place and meantime the young ladies and men were left to bake in the cars with no windows. It was a 28deg air temp so who knows it was inside the cars with full fireproofs race suits and helmets on.

The marshals would not allow the drivers to even open their doors for ventilation. Not good.

At the restart Scott managed to hold his position but over at the back of the circuit I could hear the tannoys saying Scott hat taken to the grass. True enough, when Scott came round again he was in 5th. Not good

Next lap round he was in 4th and another small mistake caused him to drop back to 5th again, the position he finished in.

In Parc Ferme Scott was a little distressed and we had to strip his race suit down to the waist and were pouring chilled water over his head to cool him down. I am sure he was not alone.

We got is car back to our pit and Scott sat in a car with air con that brought his temperature down again.

The only plus for us is that Lewis had his 2nd DNF of the season, meaning Scott still managed to move a little further ahead.

Unfortunate Lewis. I really felt for you and your dad when you pulled off. I genuinely did.

Congratulations to Alex Jay on his first JSCC win.

This was a clean start with no incidents this time. Scott held his position and was back to his usual starts

Alex was alongside him and Scott made another mistake putting him down to 5th again.

Next lap round Scott was in 4th and next lap Scott was battling for 3rd. Scott put pressure on and finally manage to pass. Phew He was driving well.
He then reeled in the 2nd place man and put him under pressure. Eventually it worked and Scott was up into 2nd Had he had a few more laps he may have been able to catch 1st but Alex (yes a double winner at Mallory) was driving so well, it is unlikely Scott could have passed him.

Scott managed to take the fastest lap of the race and unfortunately Lewis had another DNF. Great for us but must have been gutting for Lewis Saunders and Ralph Saunders.

So that was it for Mallory Park. Another decent points haul for us.

I can only say I feel gutted for Lewis as I know, apart from car problems, he would have kept us honest to the end.

Congratulations to Alex Jay

It was a long time coming but a double in one meeting!! Well done buddy.

Next stop Anglesey Circuit / Trac Môn on 21/22 Sept

As usual I would like to thank our partners without who’s assistance we could not go racing.
Andy Bennett
Jim Morris
NGK Spark Plugs
Amber Valley Fitness Centre
Autobrite Direct LTD
Paul Rice
Nick McKee
Team-HARD. Racing

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